Are you ready to unlock the Instagram Story selling secrets that will have you creating Stories in minutes, in a way that has your Story viewers shouting "TAKE MY MONEY"?
If so, pull up a seat, because this is for you! 👇
The masterclass and ultimate Story-selling toolkit that will have you making ALL THE SALES on Instagram Stories, confidently, consistently, with so much ease and without feeling awkward or salesy, using a proven strategy!

If you’re a coach, consultant or service-based business owner and you find yourself saying "I wish I knew exactly how to show up on my stories and share content in a way that creates SALES, easily!" - This is for you!


🫠 NO MORE crickets when you drop your offer 

🫠 NO MORE sitting there for hours, trying to articulate the benefits of your offer, so people can see the value they're getting 

🫠 NO MORE desperate energy, when you're showing up on your Stories 

🥳 And so much more making sales on Instagram Stories with SO MUCH CONFIDENCE & EASE, without having to *show up and sell* daily

It's time to learn how to sell your offer with so much ease, in just minutes a day, while you're having FUN with it.

Yes! I want to make sales with so much ease!
One-time payment only. 7-Day Money-back Guarantee.
Does this sound familiar?

You've heard so many other coaches saying:

👀 "I've turned my Instagram Stories into a sales machine"

👀 "I've built my business on Instagram stories"

👀 "I have found my dreamiest clients because of Instagram Stories"

👀 "I've built my 6-figure business because of Instagram Stories"

But the only advice you've heard about how to do this is:

🫠 Show up consistently in your Stories

🫠 Talk about your offer more

🫠 Nurture your audience and keep them engaged with polls and stickers 

🫠 Be authentic and relatable

But when you try to do these things, even though you know your offer is so freaking good, you:

🙃 Hear crickets - You put yourself out there and no one responds to your polls, clicks on your link or DMs you 

🙃 Feel SO awkward and salesy, because you're saying and doing things that aren't really you (but everyone is saying it's the only way to make $$$, so you do it because you 'have to')

🙃 Spend hours creating a couple of Story slides, trying to convince people that they need your offer, when you KNOW you need this time to work on other business things and ummm... live your life!

But the thing is, if you’re not using the right words and strategy to sell your offers on your Instagram Stories, you’re not only wasting hours of your precious time, you're leaving money on the table 😱

Because the real talk is:

It's one thing for you to know that your offer is amazing 

It's a whole different ballgame for you to show your Instagram Story viewers the value in your offer, enough for them to BUY



And to add to that: 

You might be stuck with HOW to show up in your Stories. It's so exhausting having to be 'made up' and 'switched on', ready to talk every day

You might be experiencing imposter syndrome, thinking "Who am I to try to persuade these people to buy from me"?

And really wanting to get these beautiful people into your business doors, because you know your offer is THE REAL DEAL, but you're unable to do that because nothing you're trying seems to work

And that? Has probably got you feeling like:

🫣 Putting all of this in the "too hard" basket and that you didn't sign up for this feeling of disappointment every time you tried to sell your offers.

🫣 You're not achieving the BIG impact and income you've been dreaming of.

Or even worse? Like giving up on selling on Instagram altogether. 

But with just a few little changes? Allllll of this can change

What if there was a way to post Stories that come naturally and effortlessly, *knowing* that they're going to generate leads, enquiries, bookings and sales, WITHOUT the awkwardness or salesy-ness?

I (Shirley) completely understand how hard it can be to "show up daily" to try to connnvvviiinnnccceee your people to buy your offer.

You didn't sign up to be a salesperson! You know your offer is the real deal, but how do you get people to see this, without being desperate and oh so salesy?!

Plus, who the heck has the time to sit there matching up visuals, text, mixing up talking Stories with boomerang Stories to make sure you have the right mix and not to mention trying to articulate why your offer is going to change the lives of the people watching your Stories?!

You're a business owner, after all. You are amazing, your offer is amazing, but how are people going to know this if you don't know how to sell it?

You NEED to learn how to sell, but you also don't want it to drain you and leave you feeling deflated, after you've put allll the effort in and heard crickets.

That's why I created the solution to all of the above. 

It helps you SELL LOADS of your offer, make BIG impact and income, all from the comfort of your day-to-day. Effortless, easy, quick selling for your business - the type that will quite literally change your business and your life. 

🙅🏻‍♀️ This isn't just a list of Story hacks to get your views up

🙅🏻‍♀️ This isn't a bunch of Story Inspo or "try this or that and see if it works"

🙅🏻‍♀️ And it isn't a fluffy "talk about your offer more" masterclass

This is your formula for Instagram Story selling success that will have you going from:

Awkward, confused about what to post and throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks 


Posting your Instagram Stories in minutes every day, knowing that they are going to make you sales, while you're working on your biz, having lunch with the girls, picking the kids up from school or whatever the heck you want to be doing!

And it is the key to selling your offers effortlessly on your Instagram Stories!

I am so confident this solution will help you, that if you DON’T love it for whatever reason, there is a money-back guarantee.

Instant access to easy, effortless sales
The masterclass and ultimate Story-selling toolkit that will have you making sales daily on Instagram Stories, confidently, consistently, with so much ease and without feeling awkward or salesy, using a proven strategy!

Through the Selling on Stories School, you will have access to the templates and proven strategy that are already helping over 500 people make daily sales on Instagram Stories:

The formula to successfully turn your Instagram Story viewers into people clicking on your links, DMing you wanting to book in and buying your offers

Everything you need to create simple Instagram Stories that SELL your offer, in just a few minutes a day 

A practical way of selling your offers on Stories to generate sales DAILY, without having to put on a show! 

...All through the following training and toolkit:


Instagram Stories Prompts and Templates, so you never have to say "What the heck should I post on Stories today?" ever again!

You get access to proven prompts and templates, that will have you creating your Instagram Stories with SO MUCH ease, without spending hours thinking, guessing and creating.

These prompts and templates are based on the 5 essential IG Story content types, to have you connecting with your community and selling right away!

Don't spend another second trying to think of Instagram Stories that will actually work to get you sales. These prompts and templates are all you need.

Delivered in Trello, Google Doc and PDF format


P.S. Scroll down for a sample of the Story-selling scripts you'll find in your bonuses

Pair these templates with a step-by-step strategy, taught to you in the following lessons, that will have you generating bookings, quality leads, enquiries and sales on your Instagram Stories with SO MUCH EASE in no time:

Lesson 1: Learn the secret to selling on Stories here

The secret to selling more of your offer is not "Talking about your offer more".

It's HOW you talk about your offer that makes alllll the difference when it comes to making the big impact and income you've been dreaming of making. 

Learn all the ins and outs of what to share with your community on Stories to have them clicking on those links, DMing you with the words "SIGN ME UP NOW" and handing their credit cards over, before you can say "DM me" or "Click on the link". 

No need to feel icky or salesy. Because you're about to learn the secrets to showing up in a way that FEELS ALIGNED AND FUN to you, even on days when you don't feel like it. 

(Lifelong access to session replay)


Lesson 2: Learn the step-by-step formulas to sell your offer, using 5 different Story content types 

There is SO much information out there about what you need and don't need to include in your IG Story content to sell your offers. And it can get so freaking confusing 😵‍💫

It's time to streamline the process, simplify the content and follow the formula that ACTUALLY works to have people buying your offers DAILY.

In this session, you will learn how sell your offer, using the 5 essential types of content for your Stories, in a way that fits into your day, without having to second guess each time you post.

Make sales ALL YEAR ROUND, using this Story selling strategy, as these content types can be used over and over again.

No more thinking

🫠 "Is this really what I should be posting if I want them to buy?"

🫠 "Is this actually going to work?"

🫠 "I'll just post this and see what happens"

(Lifelong access to session replay)


Q&A with me, to help you cement all of your learnings from lesson 1 and 2 and step your Instagram Story content up further

 Watch all of the questions of business owners answered in this Q&A session. 

It's time to take your stories to a whole new level and be CERTAIN that your Instagram Stories are working to generate leads and sales for you, DAILY!

(Lifelong access to session replay)

Yes! I'm ready to turn my Instagram Stories into a SALES MACHINE
One-time payment only. 7-Day Money-back Guarantee.
Want to see what the beautiful people who have already purchased Selling on Stories School are saying?
Bonus: Learn exactly how to show up naturally and easily, without putting on a show, so you can still sell when you just don't feel like 'showing up' the traditional way

In this guide, you will find my 10 most creative ways of showing up, including on days when you simply do not feel like showing up.

No need to put on a show - this creative support is all you need to post IG Stories that work to sell your offer for you, in ways aligned with your values, mood and energy levels.

Maintain the energy you have around your offer and continue to sell, while you get on with business and life.

Delivered in Trello, Google Doc and PDF format

Bonus: Turn natural moments of your day into 5 pieces of Instagram Story content in 2 minutes, so you can get on with your life, while your Stories do the selling for you


Ever wondered how people seem to have so much content available for them to use in their Stories? The secret is in documenting, not creating.

In this Playbook, you will learn my 5-step method for creating 5 pieces of content out of natural moments of your day in just 2 minutes, including editing tutorials for how I do this with my own Stories.

Delivered in Trello, Google Doc and PDF format

Bonus: Grab your proven sales scripts, word-for-word, to have you selling your offer genuinely, like a pro


You can throw the awkwardness and salesy-ness out the window with these 5 sales scripts, that you will use for your Instagram Stories, to have you selling loads of your offer like a pro, without the salesy ick. 

And no, you don't always need to talk to say these scripts out aloud, directly to camera. Your WORDS matter most, so these scripts can be used as written copy on your Stories, working just as well to sell your offer for you.

Delivered in Trello, Google Doc and PDF format


Bonus: Master Trello Board

Have all of your templates, scripts and guides in one place to make it even easier and quicker to create Instagram Stories to sell your offer. 

Instant access to all of this for only




Here's a sample of one of the proven Story-selling templates you'll find inside

Now, you might be thinking:

“Can I really sell loads of my offer confidently, while I'm out living my life, without sounding salesy?"


My [Shirley] mission is to show incredible coaches, consultants and service-based biz owners like you JUST how SIMPLE it can be to have people clicking on your links and buying your offers by posting Instagram Story content that comes naturally and easily to you and is aligned to your values and personality.

What is so amazing is that you know your offer is incredible. You know who your dreamiest clients are. And by joining the two together, you can build an empire, all by showing your dreamy client why they need your offer, in the simplest, most natural, non-sales way.

The days of putting on a show for your IG Stories are over. No need for complicated content. No need for sales calls either! It's time to show up as you are, in the way that suits you best and show your ideal client that you've got what they need!

And with the HUGE helping hand inside Selling on Stories School, I am certain that you can do this, EVEN without any experience and EVEN if you don't feel like you can right now. 

 I cannot wait to see you make the huge impact and impact you've been dreaming of making after you've attended Selling on Stories School!

Selling on Stories School is perfect for you if:

👉 You’re a coach, consultant or service-based business owner who wants to sell your offers in a way that feels right 

👉 You know that Instagram Stories is the best place to sell your offers, but you're just not sure what kind of content will actually work to help you make $$$

👉 You feel like you've tried a few different things on your Stories but it all feels either awkward or salesy

👉 You want, more than anything, to show your community that you have exactly what they need, but you're not sure how to do this in a way that helps them connect with you and is aligned to your life and business values 

👉 You feel like you’re doing all of the ‘right things’ on your IG Stories that you’ve heard the Instagram gurus advise you to do, but you’re STILL not getting link clicks or many sales when you post your Stories

If you feel any or all of the above, this offer created by me (Social Shirley, Your Instagram Marketing Coach) is JUST FOR YOU

Recap - You get all of this:

3 potent sessions of Story-selling goodness, that will have you selling your offer on your IG Stories with SO MUCH EASE in no time, with Q&A recording

Instagram Stories Prompts and Templates, so you never have to say "What the heck should I post on Stories today?" ever again

Bonus: Learn exactly how to show up naturally and easily, without putting on a show

Bonus: Turn natural moments of your day into 5 pieces of story content in 2 minutes, so you can get on with your life, while your Stories do the selling for you

Bonus: Grab your proven sales scripts, word-for-word, to have you selling your offer genuinely, like a pro 



I need to make sales for my biz now!

So, why should you trust me (Social Shirley, Your IG Coach) for all of your Story Selling needs?

Great question! 

Over the past 3 years, I have managed several social media accounts, including creation and copy for Instagram Stories, researching what viewers of Stories want and need to see and hear in order for online entrepreneurs to SELL OUT of their offers. 

As an Instagram marketing coach, every day, I get to help coaches and service-based biz owners create Stories that help them connect with their community in a way that sees them making so much impact and so much income for their biz.

I have seen the transformation this can bring, including seeing my clients go from "I don't even know what to post on my Stories" to "OH MY GOODNESS! EVERYONE IS BUYING!"

So I bottled up what I normally help with 1:1 and 1:many, infused it with my signature IG Stories strategy and created an easy-to-follow step-by-step, training and plug-and-play solution for you, so you can get to selling your offer and making the BIG impact and income you've been dreaming of making. 

I want to help you:

👏 Show up on your Stories in a way that feels natural and aligned to you and your biz

👏 Talk about your offer in a way that is relevant to your ideal client, without the awkwardness and without being salesy

👏 Get excited about selling your offers on your Stories, without it feeling like a burden or like you have to put on a show

👏 SELL LOADS of your offer, so you can make more $$$ and grow your business quicker and easier than ever before

I truly believe that selling on your Stories does not need to be difficult, awkward or time-consuming. And that is why Selling on Stories School exists.

It would be an honour to help you successfully make bigger impact and income for your business, using Instagram Stories. 

🤍 Your Instagram Marketing Coach, Shirley 


This solution is designed to give you the tools you need to get you selling your offer with so much ease on Instagram Stories.

I am obviously obsessed with it, I’m confident that it will help you and I spent months creating it for service-based business owners like you.

BUT! There is NO RISK in purchasing this product!

If you don’t love Selling on Stories School, you can request your money back within 7-days of your purchase – no questions asked.

This is how confident I am that Selling on Stories School will give you the tools you need to start selling your offers easily on Instagram Stories!

🤍 Shirley 

I need to start posting Instagram Stories that compel people to buy!
Here is some more of what people had to say about Selling on Stories School
Do you have questions about Selling on Stories School? Here are some answers!
A last love note from me to you

If you are a service-based business owner wanting to make more sales on Instagram, Stories are where the $$$ is.

This is because your Stories are where your hottest community members are - these beautiful people like you enough and care about what you have to say enough to potentially want what you're offering.

It's what you say and do on your Stories that turns them from "potentially" into "OMG TAKE MY MONEY!"

What I love about selling on Instagram Stories is that you can show up in a way that comes naturally and easily to you, making it part of your day AND have people begging you for the link to buy your offer, without it feeling awkward or salesy.

I love seeing my clients go from "I just don't have a salesperson bone in me to sell my offer" to "Wow I didn't realise it could be this easy."

There is SO MUCH POWER in how you use your IG Stories to make sales. 

It’s time to harness this power to grow your brand and your business. 

Whatever you decide, start using your Instagram Stories with so much intention to connect with your community, so you can start selling more of your offer straight away!  

And if you want a huge helping hand doing this quickly and easily, Selling on Stories School is for you. 

Start today and harness the power of SELLING ON STORIES