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Love notes from amazing humans who are using my signature content strategy inside TSSS

Real talk 👇

You know how important it is to build a loveable brand on social media and market that brand well to attract more of the right people and make sales for your biz


And you probably know the power of having an expert beside you to support you to do this

But the thing is, as a business owner, doing all the things, it's not easy to create good content consistently when:

😵‍💫 Content creation can be so freaking time-consuming and you simply don't have time to create good content for your business

😏 You've tried everything and nothing seems to be working. You post what you think will be 'the post' that will finally work and... *crickets*

😱 Every social media guru is telling you to do something different and it's pretty overwhelming 

🤔 You're not really sure of what 'good marketing' actually looks like for your brand 

😪 You feel like you're in a crowded space and it's impossible to stand out and be noticed by the right people, let alone get people to buy from you, over others in your industry

😣 And, even more than that, going it alone just SUCKS, but you feel like you're not in a position to hire a coach to support you through it

And all of this?

Has probably got you feeling like you’re never going to get it right 

And feeling like “What’s the point of ‘posting content consistently’? when the content doesn't even work to get me sales for my business” 

Or even worse? Giving up on content creation altogether 

What if you had someone by your side (someone who has worked with hundreds of biz owners just like you) to support you on your content marketing and business growth journey AND time-saving content templates and scripts to save you hours AND a proven step-by-step IG marketing strategy, so you can stop guessing your way to growth?

I (Shirley) understand that:

👉 Content creation for a business owner (ahem, me too 🙋🏻‍♀️ I'm a mum of 3 myself) can be difficult to fit into an already very busy schedule!

👉 Sometimes it might seem easier to look for 'inspo' online instead of coming up with your own original content  (but this doesn't work because it ends up making you blend in, instead of stand out as the go-to expert that you are)

👉 There is A LOT of information (and misinformation) out there about what you *should* be posting (and when and how you should be posting) but it seems impractical to do all of these things while running your business (and having a life). Posting 5 times a day and engaging for 2 hours a day? No thank you!

👉 Social media marketing can be both confusing and overwhelming and while you understand its importance to grow your biz, you simply don't have the time or mind capacity for it

That is why I created something that is the solution to all the above.  


I'm here to hold your hand through your Instagram and business growth journey and give to you the strategy, time-saving done-for-you content and support that it takes to help you:

❤️‍🔥 Have access to the ultimate support and community when marketing your business

❤️‍🔥 Reach the right people, who need your offer in their lives

❤️‍🔥 Build your loveable brand online, so people think to themselves "I WANT HER" over anyone else in your industry

❤️‍🔥 Grow your business, using a proven content marketing strategy, so you can stop second-guessing your way to having a wildly profitable business online


🚨This isn’t just a ‘how to create content’ exercise or a one-off drop of templates🚨

💥This is a full strategy that takes you step-by-step through to Instagram and business growth!💥 


And it is the KEY to maximising your business growth online.

I am so confident this solution will help you, that if you DON’T love it for whatever reason, there is a money-back guarantee.

Imagine what it would feel like once you're inside TSSS and experiencing this...


🤩 You have the support and mentorship from a social media marketing expert at your fingertips, who has worked with hundreds of coaches and service-based business owners, just like you

🤩 You have expert eyes on your content, with my feedback to give you clarity and confidence when it comes to marketing your business

🤩 Your content is working for you to grow your business (the content that you created in minutes), because you have used a marketing strategy that builds your brand and helps you SELL

🤩 When you post your content, the engagement notifications and DMs don't stop coming through 

🤩 You wake up to sales notifications and new Instagram community members DAILY

AND ultimately, you spend less time on social media and more time doing what you love - both inside and outside your business - as you continue to make more sales and grow your business on Instagram without the guesswork and without the overwhelm and with SO MUCH SUPPORT

I know (and have experienced first-hand) that it feels INCREDIBLE!  

And how do I know this? Because my signature strategy has helped hundreds grow their biz using Instagram! 

Take a look inside for everything you need to save time, create amazing content that builds your brand and make more sales to supercharge your business growth 👇

Support from me as your personal marketing coach inside our amazing private Facebook Community 

Your access to guidance and mentorship from me, your Instagram Marketing Coach, Shirley, as you navigate the world of Instagram content for your biz.

I am inside TSSS, answering your content and strategy questions every weekday! Never have a question go unanswered and completely master your Instagram content, with the guidance of an expert, starting now!

My eyes on your content - Get your content audited by an Instagram expert, who KNOWS what works and what doesn't on IG 🥳 

If you've ever wondered 'Ugh. Is this content even going to work? Will people engage? Or am I just wasting my time?'

You can have my eyes on your content, before you post it! You can then make your tweaks to skyrocket your reach and engagement!

The members inside TSSS have been loving this monthly content audit, as it has helped them learn EVEN MORE how to create better content that actually works for their business.

Content plan and instant access to an exclusive growing content vault with over 100 templates and graphics, all based on my signature content strategy to have you posting engaging, brand-building content that helps you grow your business, WITH SO MUCH EASE

Monthly plan:

Inside each monthly Content Plan, you will find a calendar and plan, based on my proven content formula - create the perfect mix of content that builds your brand and sees you as the go-to expert in your industry AND content that builds your business and has your dream clients running to buy your offers.

Content Vault

You will also have everything you need to create amazing, engaging content to grow your brand and your business, including:

✔️ Reels templates and scripts (including current trending audio) to help you stay on top of your content game and at the top of people's feeds

✔️ Carousel post templates, so you can take people on the know, like, trust journey through nurture-content and have them coming back for more

✔️ Single image templates so you can reach more people and build your brand 

✔️ Instagram stories prompts and scripts, based on my stories that sell strategy

✔️ Caption templates

✔️ Email templates to nurture your amazing email community, beyond Instagram

Gain instant access to an exclusive content vault with over 90 carousel, single image, reel, caption, email template and Canva graphics, ready for you to use over and over again for your business growth. 

Every month, this content template vault GROWS, with fresh feed content, captions, talking reels scripts and brand new trending reels

You will literally NEVER say "I don't know what to post that will actually work" EVER AGAIN!

Deeper coaching support with monthly Q&A sessions with me, so you never have a question unanswered


Deeper questions? I've got you covered! Every month, we get 1 hour of value-packed live Q&A. Learn from others' questions and ask your own, as I help you navigate the world of Instagram!

Your pathway to creating content that converts your audience into paying clients, with instant access to my proven Instagram marketing strategy to get your content noticed and devoured by your ideal audience!

Everything you need to completely master your content and convert people both on AND off Instagram. Learn how to:

💥 Build a brand that people fall in love with through infusing your secret sauce into your content

💥 Build your community and compel them to engage with ALL of your Instagram posts (including carousel posts, single image posts, reels and stories)

💥 Create captivating content that converts onlookers into people running to buy your offers, with so much ease

💥 Get people to watch your reels all the way through and fall in love with you by mastering your video strategy 

💥 Nurture your community off Instagram to generate even MORE sales and business growth 

Each module comes with a guide and activities so you can start putting your learnings into practice straight away 

Quarterly masterclass with guest experts on business topics, IG and beyond


The industry has some incredible experts who I've been so lucky to form connections with. And I'm bringing their expertise to you! As part of the membership, you will hear from people who are true experts in their field through quarterly masterclasses, recorded for you to have access to within the membership!

Bonus: Lessons on Instagram updates as they come and what they mean for you and your business 


It can be hard to keep up with all of the updates and changes that happen on Instagram. But I'm here, by your side, guiding you through those changes, as they come your way. 

For any major changes, I will be going into the Society and uploading a lesson which breaks down everything you need to know about the update and what it means for your content and your business. 

Bonus: Regular trainings on content strategy and all things Instagram


As a member within The Social Standout Society, you get to ask your questions and if these require trainings, I will record these for you and drop them inside the membership!

Bonus: Exclusive member discounts and perks 


And for the cherry on top... as a member of The Social Standout Society, you get EXCLUSIVE access to discounts, offers and perks that are not available to anyone else outside of the membership 🥰

Bonus: Content Creation tutorials so you  have all the tricks up your sleeve to completely optimise your content for highest engagement 


From functions within the Instagram app to other apps that can transform your content, here's where you'll find every tutorial you'll ever need to make your content as engaging as possible! 

Are you ready for easy content that gets you noticed online so you can grow your business with so much support along the way?

Yes! I need to get on the VIP waitlist!
Here's what people are saying about my signature strategy and coaching, all found inside TSSS

This is how you'll know that the Social Standout Society is right for you:

👉 You're a service-based business owner making an impact in the world - after all, this is why you started your business

👉 You understand the importance of following a solid strategy for real results for your business 

👉 However, you hit a roadblock every time you try to stay consistent with your content

👉 You know that you need to attract more of the right people to your business, but you just aren't sure what kind of content you need to create to attract these people to do this

👉 You are reaching people with your content, but you aren't seeing this translated into sales

👉 You've tried to do so many of the things the gurus have told you to do, but nothing really seems to be working to get you real results

👉 You want to show up as your authentic self, because you know that this is the secret to owning your personal brand and standing out, but you don't know what that looks like on a practical level for your content


If you feel any or all of the above, this offer was created by me (Social Shirley) JUST FOR YOU!

So, why should you trust me (Social Shirley, Your IG Marketing Coach) for all of your marketing needs?

Great question! 

Over the past 3 years, I have managed several social media accounts, including content creation, writing copy and doing all of the market research behind what audiences want to see on social media (Instagram is my jam!). I've also coached over 100 amazing service-based biz owners and helped them grow their businesses using Instagram marketing. 

As an Instagram marketing coach, every day, I get to help service-based business owners create content that speaks directly to their audience, so that they can build their online presence and grow a community of fans who want to work with them.

I have seen the transformation this can bring, including seeing my clients go from unseen to becoming the go-to person in their niche, growing their own engaged community and seeing this translated into sales in their business!

So I bottled up what I normally help with 1:1 and turned into a monthly membership with done-for-you content (infused with my proven strategy) so you can create engaging content with so much ease AND so much consistent support from me.

I genuinely want to help you:

✨ Get noticed by your dream clients on Instagram

Spend less time creating content 

✨ Build a brand so strong that your ideal audience is compelled to buy your offers

I truly believe that content creation does not need to be complicated or time consuming. And I want to shout it from the rooftops! And that is why this membership exists.

It would be an honour to help you on your Instagram and business growth journey! 

🤍 Your Instagram Marketing Coach, Shirley 

Here is what becomes possible when you use proven marketing strategy and have support along the way:

Do you need this kind of strategy, support and success in your biz and your life?

Doors to The Social Standout Society are closed at the moment but they will be re-opening SO SOON. Get your name on the VIP waitlist so you don't miss out on claiming one of the capped spots! 🫶🏼

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